Omar Kader

Omar M. Kader received a Ph.D. in International Relations from the University of Southern California. He was an Assistant Dean and taught American politics, international relations and the politics of the Middle East at Brigham Young University. In 1987, Dr. Kader founded Pal-Tech, Inc., a leading technology consulting firm and in 2005 he acquired Development Associates, an international development firm. He was an official election monitor and observer of elections in Morocco and a member of the election monitoring team headed by former President Jimmy Carter in 1996 and 2006 Palestine elections. Dr. Kader was a member of the American delegation serving as an international monitor for the elections in Yemen (April 1997) and again in Indonesia (September 2004). Dr. Kader a first generation Palestinian-American, the son of Moses and Aishia Kader (Abu Khdeir) of Shufat, Palestine, was born and raised inProvo, Utah. Dr. Kader is active in Arab-American affairs and has served as the Executive Director of two major Arab-American organizations.