Sen. Chris Murphy: President Trump Needs to Have the Necessary “Difficult Conversations” with Islamic World Leaders

Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy held high-level conference in Washington, DC to tackle how the Trump Administration can rebuild relations with the Islamic world.

Washington, DC – Yesterday, ahead of President Donald J. Trump’s first official trip abroad to Saudi Arabia to meet with leaders from Muslim countries around the world, the Center of the Study of Islam & Democracy (CSID) held a high-level conference for US and international policymakers, experts, and leaders to debate the current administration’s opportunities and challenges to rebuild relations with the Islamic world.

This is obviously a very sensitive trip that the president is undertaking,” said Senator Chris Murphy (Democrat – Connecticut) who was the keynote speaker for the CSID conference. “I hope that the president talks to the Saudis about a way in which we can make this alliance work for both countries for the long term. That is a very real, very difficult conversation that I hope occurs.

While there are differing opinions on whether or not President Trump can overcome perceptions that linger from his 2016 campaign rhetoric and repair relations in the Islamic world with just one visit or one speech,” said Dr. Radwan Masmoudi, Founder and President of the CSID, the premier US think tank that has urged policymakers to promote democracy as the best weapon against extremism for more than two decades. “It is clear that the real measure of the success of this visit will be the policies and enhanced cooperation that follow in the months to come.

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